About Us

How it all began....

Back in my 20’s when I was figuring out what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, I was torn between pursuing a career in travel or a career in interior styling and design.

My hobby on the weekends was to go to the travel agencies and take all the brochures, which I would then go home and create what I thought was the perfect travel itinerary. With about $10 in my bank account - none of these trips were going to be taken in the near future but nevertheless I enjoyed creating my itineraries and dreaming of these destinations.

I became a qualified travel agent but ended up working in events.

Shortly after, I studied interior styling, colour and design but as it turned out I ended up working in an incentive marketing role where I’ve spent the past 20 years travelling the world and creating unique money can’t buy travel experiences for corporate groups. Every trip I take, every destination I go, I immerse myself in the culture as I seek out to find unique experiences for my clients that you as an individual traveller wouldn’t necessarily be able to do. I’ve met so many special people over the years and what has always amazed me is the incredible talent of so many local craftsmen throughout the world still practicing ancient processes. It’s such a refreshing change to see unique pieces that all tell their own story

My passion for interiors, fabrics and design has only gotten stronger as the years have gone on and I spend A LOT of my spare time browsing fabric stores throughout the world.

After a 2 year travel ban, I headed off to Europe for a work trip and extended my stay to meet a friend in Turkey.  It was here that I found all these amazing silk velvet fabrics, met a couple of suppliers and over a few mezze and wine later that evening Alex Goods was born.