How to style your cushions!

To explore the art of styling cushions, there is one question that needs to be answered first; Why do we need cushions?

Besides the practical reason of owning cushions for comfort, they can also be a simple and easy way to completely transform your living space without changing your furniture.

 With every room in your home, you are creating a space with personality. Is the space peaceful, family-friendly, contemporary, or luxurious?  

 The best way to express ourselves and our style is through the décor of our home, and well-chosen cushions can help us achieve this.

 So how do we style cushions?

 Gina Ciancio from Style Curator says:

 “My advice is ‘you do you’ but here are some tips that could elevate your cushion styling:

  • Mix up shapes and sizes — especially on a bed. Using square, rectangular and round shapes adds interest. Also, using some larger and smaller will help them to sit well (and look better too!)
  • Cushions on a diagonal never look good
  • Matchy-matchy everything is just a bit boring, break out of your comfort zone and introduce cushions in a few different colours and shapes — even if they’re just shades of a neutral colour.”

 Quantity and Quality

 The styling team from say:

When deciding on the number of cushions, think luxurious but not overcrowded. Odd number cushions are more interesting and are suited to a modern eclectic look. A classic style best suits an even number of cushions and a symmetrical look. Five cushions is an appropriate number for a 2 – 2.5 seater. A three seater or higher requires 6-8 cushions.

 Choosing a quality insert will make all the difference to the overall look of your cushions. Feather filled inserts are the best as they make cushions look fluffy and full and last longer with daily use compared to cheap foam alternatives.

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